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Month In the Life Of – Day 7: Packaging

Posted by on Aug 8, 2014 in #CTMonthInTheLife | 4 comments

Packaging Keetha DePriest

My second favorite part about making something is the presentation. I’m the only person I know how looks forward to kids having fall fundraisers because I love to look at wrapping paper. 

I especially like nice, thick wrapping paper. And I like plain kraft paper, white butcher paper, old wallpaper. Ribbon, cards, bakers twine, ephemera. The packaging can become its own little gift, one for the eyes.

Packaging can dress up some sweets.

Keetha DePriest peanut butter fudge


Or a snack. I took these to the library, my son’s school, to one of my best friends.

Keetha DePriest fall gifts


Packaging can help move goods at a church bake sale.


Keetha DePriest Easter gifts snacks


I kind of want to go wrap something up really pretty right now. :-)

Day In the Month Of – Day 6: Action

Posted by on Aug 6, 2014 in #CTMonthInTheLife | 1 comment

6Action Keetha DePriest #CTmonthinthelifeof

This is a stack of artwork I’ve done. Papers, panels, canvases. That’s action.

For years, I wanted to be a novelist. I wrote, so technically, I was a writer. But I didn’t feel like one. I wanted to be a Writer (whatever I thought that meant).

I didn’t feel like I knew enough to write a novel so I read up about the craft of writing. Lawsy, did I read about it. I bought books. I attended workshops. I took classes. I read writing blogs – so many writing blogs. So many. I followed writers and publishers on Twitter.

Couple of problems with this: One is that I was spending all this time researching about writing and planning to write and not so much time actually writing. The other thing was I was creating a perfect little storm for myself of too much information. Way too much.

I wanted so badly, NEEDED (I thought) someone to tell me how. It was super-frustrating that all these other writers knew the secret handshake but I didn’t.

The solution seemed to be more research.

(It wasn’t.)

The more I read about story arc and character development, the less I wrote, and the more overwhelming and huge and impossible the idea of writing became. I let myself get good and paralyzed from thinking about it so much. By the end, I was good and convinced I couldn’t do it.

During that time, I wrestled two novels out of myself but it was hard going. After the dust settled, any desire I’d had to write novels was gone.

I’m proof positive you can think a thing to death.

With making art, anytime I’m tempted to wait before starting, to research, read books about it, see what the cool kids are doing, that’s when I know it’s time to take action. Not making art because I think I need to learn more before trying is just a form of fear. Afraid I won’t like what I made, afraid it will be hard, afraid of the disappointment and discouragement I may feel.

I have found a really easy way to push those fears aside: Do it anyway.




Month In the Life Of – Day 5: Sketchbook

Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in #CTMonthInTheLife | 0 comments


Keetha DePriest sketchbook #CTMonthIntheLife

Hooray for notebooks and sketchbooks! And paper of any kind.

I used to buy gorgeous sketchbooks and cute, cheap notebooks from the discount store, then “save” them. Until I was good enough, I guess.

Honey, I tell myself now, that nice sketchbook cost 20 bucks. You’re worth it.

5Sketchbook Keetha DePriest #CTMonthIntheLifeA few months ago I took an online watercolor class and bought three (three!) different sketchbooks for it and by golly, I used every one. That helped me get over this idea of “saving” sketchbooks or art supplies. I’m good enough. Right now!

I crack open any one of these bad boys and draw, sketch, make a mark. There’s no such thing as “right.” I don’t even think much about if a drawing is “good” or not. The question is more: “Was it fun?”

If the answer is yes, that means it’s good. If the answer is not really, well, then try again. Or watch a Castle rerun.

This Sketchbookery class looks like loads of fun. I may take it next.

Tomorrow’s prompt is action.