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 If I Was Really Cool I Would Call This a Manifesto

Creating with paint and paper and scrumptious colors is about the most fun I’ve ever had. As a kid, it was a fantastic boredom-buster and one of my favorite things to do. Just a few years ago, I rediscovered the fun of making things, the fun of big, vibrant swaths of color on a page or canvas.

polka dotsBefore that, I wrote essays (mostly about food) and cooked as a means of being creative. Then I tried my hand at fiction. I wrote two novels and man alive, that was hard. Now I read fiction for fun and have a warm place in my heart for anyone who’s ever written a good story.

Morning is my favorite time of day. I get up around 5:00 (or 5:30, or 6:00, depending on how late I stayed up reading the night before) and write three pages, longhand. I write about anything and everything: No filter. On a good morning, while the house is still quiet, I do something at my craft table. I get color down on paper; nothing is bad or wrong.

The night before, at bedtime, I gather art goodies and lay them out. It’s my mise en place, a French term that means “putting in place,” used mostly in cooking wherein chefs get together ingredients and cooking tools for a particular dish. That little habit is a means of priming the pump. I go to sleep and imagine my mind already spinning away with ideas just from handling the bottles of paint and paintbrushes and thick paper. Sometimes the next morning what I had planned to do isn’t at all what I want to do, so I do something different. There is no wrong and no can’ts.

Twinkling H2Os

I sound so evolved. It took a while to get to here. There are untold numbers of projects that I stopped with the power of my own mind, defeated myself before I even began. It took me a long time to take to heart the advice I read in an essay by author Elizabeth Gilbert. To her way of thinking, self-discipline is overrated. She suggests that the most important part of living a creative life is being kind to yourself and forgiving yourself when you don’t reach a goal or keep a resolution. We vow to create every day! Then we don’t, and are disheartened and discouraged.  It’s easy to get down on yourself and give up. It takes courage, and self-forgiveness*, to try again.Keetha DePriest

Trying is scary but it’s never boring.

This About Me is excerpted from an interview I did with artist Kate Mericks at her blog. Her questions prompted such fun exploration and she happily let me use the content from that interview. She is sweet that way.

* Along those lines, I highly, highly recommend Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

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